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Green Bowel Movement

The more common causes for green bowel movement, green poop, dark green bowel movements, and green stool are:


  • People can have green bowel movements if they eat large quantities of green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, or lettuce.

  • People can have green bowel movements if they consume large quantities of green artificial coloring often found in processed foods such as sherbet, popsicles, or drink flavoring.

  • People can have green bowel movements because of an over consumption of iron. The body won't be able to absorb all the iron, so it will excrete iron salts. Iron is found in enriched breakfast cereals, red meat, beans, spinach, baby formula, and supplements.


  • People can have green bowel movements due to a change of colonic transit time.


  • People can have a green bowel movements if they have diarrhea

    Green Bowel Movement

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